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I was born a healthy child. I had the right weight, working organs, ten fingers and ten toes, … basically normal.

After a few years, though, I wasn’t normal anymore.

My behavior was strange because I’d rather read in my room than go to family gatherings and parties.

Then I was different because I liked fruit when everyone else my age ate candy.

Later, there was something wrong with me because all the other girls in my class had boyfriends and I didn’t.

When I graduated from high school, they called me a loser because while everyone else was applying for jobs in prestigious companies, I got a job at a small office working with people focused on helping parents who had children with special needs.

Then they called me weird because I spent my weekends with a group of people cooking meals for the homeless instead of going to the mall and spending my money on clothes and shoes like they did.

They said I had problems when everyone else got married and I stayed single.

They made fun of me because I didn’t know what I was doing when I went to school to get another degree.

I was an idiot because I bought a tiny home while everyone else was in some sort of competition to get the biggest house possible.

They called me crazy when they had children and I rescued dogs.

Surely there was something wrong with me because I traveled without a man, ate alone, and went to the cinema by myself.

Of course, I wasn’t attractive because I didn’t wear makeup or dresses that revealed my “assets” and didn’t get my hair cut at the most expensive salons.

Gradually, they stopped inviting me to the family gatherings altogether because I couldn’t attend them every single time and we didn’t really have anything in common to talk about anyway.

Finally, I was shunned when I started to write a memoir even though I assured everyone I would change all the names and use a pen name.

Now, I’m hated because I’m hanging in there, all by myself, reading and writing in my tiny home while my normal relatives are getting divorced, losing their houses, and don’t know how to spend a single day alone.

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