Resolutions & Habits

Many people make new-year resolutions, but very few follow through. They decide to keep a diary, but their last entry never makes it to February. They decide to exercise more, but they don’t go to the gym past the second week in January. They decide to live life to the fullest, but that fades away within a short time.

The key is to not make big or quick changes. The changes need to be small and gradual. So make one resolution and let it be twelve small changes you make in your daily life, one per month. You have to allow yourself to get used to them, you have to let them become habits.

Be smart about the changes you decide to make. Choose specific changes that are relevant to your goals and make sure they are attainable. Add one small habit every month and get rid of one small habit that doesn’t benefit you every month.

Be specific and practical about the changes, and schedule them into your day. To motivate yourself, schedule something you love to do right after you complete the task that is to become your new habit.

Also, to make room for these new habits, you will need to eliminate a few bad ones. Get rid of something you regularly do that doesn’t help you achieve your goal.

This is completely feasible, and the changes are gradual, so you will keep working on your “self” throughout the year. By the end of the year you will have added twelve positive habits and eliminated twelve negative ones. You will have changed your lifestyle for the better.

You don’t have to wait until the new year to start making these changes. You can mentally prepare yourself starting now. The book that helped me realize I needed to make small changes to my life was Atomic Habits by James Clear, which is available in most libraries, including digital ones.

Nika Paradis is an introvert bravely spreading her wisdom on self-development, writing, and reflexology. All her stories are based on her life experience.

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