A Literary Composition

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

An acrostic is a form of writing in which the first letter or syllable or word of each line or paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or phrase or message. Acrostics are usually written in the form of poetry, but they can be in the form of prose as well.

Here’s an example:

Summer is leaving.

Every moment the sun shone was a gift.

Perhaps the new season will be kind.

Time will tell.

Every new month marks a new beginning.

Make this month count.

Begin today with gratitude… and follow your dream.

Every minute of every hour matters.

Respect your time, your life, your self.

Nika Paradis is an introvert bravely spreading her wisdom on self-development, writing, and reflexology. All her stories are based on her life experience.

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