Food Preparation

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People usually buy groceries so that they can prepare delicious home-cooked meals. I go grocery shopping once a week, and, on that day every week, I often end up eating either frozen or canned food even though I always prefer cooking and enjoying fresh food.


I live in a tiny home, and I have a tiny fridge, so after I get home with all the groceries I need for a week, it takes me a while to fit everything in my mini fridge.

When I buy vegetables like beets, lettuce, or a cabbage, for example, I can’t fit them…

Gratitude & Happiness

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“I had kept my gratitude locked up inside, as though it were a museum piece, rather than giving it back to its rightful owner.” Thomas Koulopoulos

Give gratitude; don’t hold onto it.

Speak it.
Write it.

The more you express your gratitude, the more you notice all you have to be grateful for. It will help you realize how much you have and shift your focus on what you have. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Everyone is so obsessed with pursuing happiness. …

Goodbye… & Happy New Year!

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This is the last piece I’m writing and posting on Medium. I joined Medium, and its Partner Program, in August 2020 because I was struggling financially and was told I could make money writing.

Also, I became a member so that I could read other writers’ stories and support them. My situation was so bad that even paying the five-dollar-per-month membership fee was difficult for me, but I did it because it wouldn’t be fair to expect support from others without giving it back.

So many people had shared their experience making so much money…

Or Unlearning?

Learning is an important part of self improvement and growth. This seems to be a known fact, at least in theory. In practical terms, however, what exactly is learning, and when does it happen?

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What is learning?

Merriam-Webster defines learning as:

1: the act or experience of one that learns
//a computer program that makes learning fun

2: knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study
//people of good education and considerable learning

3: modification of a behavioral tendency by experience
(such as exposure to conditioning)

When does learning happen?

Learning happens throughout a person’s life, but try googling “how does learning happen” and you’ll see most…


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The word “less” is often incorrectly used instead of “fewer.”

The rule is that less is used with uncountable quantity and fewer with countable quantity / number, or, more simply put:

The word “less” should be used with singular nouns (less water, less salt) and “fewer” should be used with plural nouns (fewer books, fewer followers).

There is an exception to the rule, though. When an amount of money or a period of time or a distance is used as one unit, it works as a singular word.

For example, I make less than $5000 a year.

Even though dollars…


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We smile or laugh when we are happy.

We cry when we are sad or lonely.

Usually we know why we smile, laugh, or cry. Usually we are aware of how we feel and why.

Sometimes, though, we feel happy and full of energy for no apparent reason.

Sometimes, we feel like crying for no apparent reason.

Where do these feelings come from?

This afternoon, I was sitting in my chair, feeling very comfortable and at peace, and I took my little Sudoku book and started working on a puzzle. …

Twelve New Habits

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For 2021, I’m making twelve new resolutions, all of which are ways to improve my self physically and mentally.

Making resolutions is easy. Maintaining them is another story.

As I wrote in an article I published a few weeks ago (Motivation #3), the key to making resolutions work is to not plan big or quick changes. If the changes are small and gradual, they become more manageable and easier to maintain.

I’ve decided to make twelve small changes in my daily life. That way, I allow them to become habits, and I will eliminate some bad habits in the process.


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It helps to write down how we feel and to share our feelings with others. It’s therapeutic for us and helpful to others.

Sharing our thoughts and feelings makes everyone see things from others’ various perspectives and it helps people realize they’re not alone in battling and overcoming the challenges life throws at them.

As the year is coming to an end, I’m reflecting on what I’ve been through in 2020 and on what this year has taught me.

So… I’m writing a letter to 2020.

A few months ago, I contributed to an anthology about gratitude, and, in addition…

Nika Paradis

Nika Paradis is an introvert bravely spreading her wisdom on self-development, writing, and reflexology. All her stories are based on her life experience.

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